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Restoration Shop Creates Some Of The Finest Builds Around

By Elizabeth Puckett Dec 13, 2019
Shop Muscle
By Elizabeth Puckett Dec 13, 2019
It's hard to match this level of craftsmanship!

Positioned in Mooresville, NC, close to Charlotte, Quarter Mile Muscle is a team of homegrown professionals who have a true passion for cars. After Motorious got a chance to speak with the man in charge, Bryan Klitz, we got a full understanding of what it takes to run a top tier restoration shop.

“Many of us here began restoring cars and trucks back when our fathers and grandfathers were willing to teach us. Also some of our team has learned their craft at specialty Automotive Schools. We have all carried this knowledge and know how with us over the years while picking up the new and latest techniques a long the way.”

Quarter Mile Muscle started out with big dreams to bring back as many classic cars as they could, while operating in a clean environment, and using quality parts.

The real proof is in the builds that leave this shop, so we got the download on some very cool cars by Quarter Mile Muscle.

QMM Feature
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This project is a 1973 Camaro Z28 Pro-touring build by QMM. The car was brought to Quarter Mile Muscle by Professional NFL player #24 Josh Norman. He was playing for Carolina Panthers, but has been traded to the Washington Redskins where he still plays. He was involved with this custom build, and he would visit with QMM to see the progress of his car. After QMM completed this build, they then delivered his car to his home in Atlanta GA. This car has a list of high performance upgrades, including:

-New LS9 Chevy Performance supercharged engine

-Speedtech pro-touring subframe
-Full coilover suspension with a four link rear end
-Six-piston Wilwood Disc brakes
-Minitub rear
-Vintage AC
-Dakota Digital dash
-Custom upholstery
-Custom paint by QMM

-LED lights all the way around
-Rack and pinion power steering

QMM Feature
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 The next car is a 1968 Ford Mustang GT500 Fastback Eleanor recreation based on the movie Gone in 60 Seconds. This car was in need of a lot of work, and it turned out great. This car was built for a local car collector that lives on Lake Norman in Mooresville, NC. This ride has the following upgrades:

-New Ford Racing stroker engine
-Fuel injection with nitrous
-Vintage AC
-LED lights all the around
-Rack and pinion power Steering
-New Tremec 5-speed transmission with 'Go Baby Go' button
-Custom upholstery
-Custom body and paint by QMM
-Dakota Digital dash
-Coilover suspension

QMM Feature
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The third car is this 1970 Plymouth Superbird project. This restoration project was in need of some body and custom paint work the team at Quarter Mile Muscle. The orange Superbird is a numbers matching car and is rare. This project is owned by another one QMM's great clients who lives nearby in North Carolina.

This is just a taste of the operations at Quarter Mile Muscle, and this shop is truly extraordinary!


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