Own History With This 1926 Excelsior Super X

This racing bike used to be Steve McQueen’s. It’s a well-known fact Mecum Auctions often gets some amazing vehicles, and this 1926 Excelsior Super X is certainly proof of that. Formerly owned by the legendary Steve McQueen, this vintage racing hillclimber is the kind of motorcycle that belongs ...
By Steven Symes Feb 12, 2020

Carve Up The Road Or Track On A 2007 Aprilia Tuono 1000 R

This is the bike for those who really love to ride. There are motorcycles which are great for casually riding, and then there are models which cater to pure exhilaration. This 2007 Aprilia Tuono 1000 R is of the latter breed. As the name suggests, this is no mere road bike, but instead has been...
By Steven Symes Nov 27, 2019

Relive Glory On A 1965 Honda Sport 50

This is the bike which helped to start a revolution. Back in the 1960s Honda helped spearhead a movement to change how Americans viewed motorcycles. Since WWII bikes had become larger, louder, and brash symbols of rebellion. This 1965 Honda Sport 50 is the exact opposite, being an approachable ...
By Steven Symes Nov 25, 2019

Bid On This Head-Turning 2012 Orange County Chopper Biodiesel

Featured on the famous television show ‘American Choppers.’ If the motorcycle you see here looks familiar, you’re not wrong. This 2012 Orange County Chopper Biodiesel was featured on two episodes of the hit Discovery Channel show American Chopper in March and April of 2012. It was also seen in m...
By Michelle Marus Sep 13, 2019

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