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Who Are You To Judge This Restored 1969 Pontiac GTO?

By Calum Brown May 09, 2019
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By Calum Brown May 09, 2019
Searching for America's greatest muscle car? You'd be wise to stop by and pay your respects to Pontiac's GTO 'Judge'.

Of all the cars to command respect, the 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge resides among our favorite American bruisers. As evidence that muscle cars can reflect cultural tastes of the time, you need look no further than an all-original 366-horsepower Ram Air-powered V8 Judge. Any vehicle with a 60-inch rear wing deserves attention. Especially this one.

Boasting of serious road-going authority and prowess, the Judge oozes a mantra where driving isn’t taken too seriously. An abundantly powerful drivetrain mated to bright op-art graphics etches a playful attitude into those behind the wheel. It’s all the muscle car clichés rolled into one, yet all the better for it.

Even a short blip of the throttle channels all celebrated aspects of 20th-century decadence through the car’s primary controls. Problem is, finding the perfect example can prove tricky. Unless you already happen to have already visited Savannah Classic Cars’ showroom…

Sales of the GTO as an outright model took a nosedive and died by 1971, as the increasing trend towards less powerful, yet more luxurious, U.S cars intensified. As such, some collectors view The Judge as the swansong for understated 1960s automotive extravagance.

For a whisper under $80k, this fully restored 1969 Pontiac GTO with ‘The Judge’ package can slide into your empty garage space. Presented in the factory correct Carousel Red paint with a numbers matching 400 cubic inch Ram Air III engine rated at 445 ft-lbs of torque under the hood, some would consider this the ultimate Muscle Car; and with 366hp on tap through a 4-speed manual transmission, connected to a 3.55 rear axle ratio, we are inclined to agree.

The Judge also comes with the original build sheet from Texas’ Arlington factory, Pontiac Historical Society (PHS) documentation and sales information courtesy of Hansord Pontiac of Minneapolis. Not to mention a period-correct Parchment interior. Overall, the vehicle radiates rude health and won’t disappoint any new owner.

Does that justify the $80k price tag? Well, we can only judge by how long the Pontiac hangs around for. However, we’d wager that it won’t be on the open market for long…


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