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VIDEO: 1969 Chevelle Gets Challenged To A 500-Mile Road Trip

By Michelle Marus Jun 17, 2019
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By Michelle Marus Jun 17, 2019
Getting it home was a chore!

While purchasing a car sight unseen is always a risk, this time it turned into a 'resto' project, before even getting it home. Derek Bieri of Vice Grip Garage in Minnesota recently posted a video detailing his experience doing just that. The best part? The 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle two-door was in a town that he initially thought was in Iowa, but it was actually in Illinois. As you can see, the journey for this classic is already off to a great start. 


The interior of the Chevelle is in fairly decent shape, though the smell leaves a lot to be desired. Moving on to the exterior, the vehicle needs rear quarters on both sides, as they are stripped to the point of 'weight reduction', as Derek says. At the front, the windshield is in good condition and intact, so no cellophane needed. The owner also threw in fenders (estimated to cost about $50), which he received at a swap meet. 

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Upon opening the trunk, the words “Oh boy!” left Derek’s mouth and probably many of the viewers watching the video. We won’t spoil everything for you, though. What we will say is this, he also utters the words “Oh my!” along with several sighs and an “Oh man!” when viewing the hood for the first time. He plans to check the plugs and test the compression to see if the motor is compromised or if it can even drive 'One of those 500 miles.' Then, he intends on juicing the battery life up to get it cranking and see if there’s any transmission issues. Derek also plans to search the Internet for a new set of wheels, seeing as the “Donut from the 80s” does not emit any sort of confidence on that Chevelle. 

After inspecting the vehicle, Derek learns that the car had not been plated since 1979 nor has it been run for many years. He makes a mental list of all the things he must take care of on Saturday and Sunday to have it running before he attempts a whopping 500-mile journey home. Does he get it running once again? What does it take? Check out the video and see for yourself. This Chevelle is a beauty, regardless, and deserves to be in the hands of someone who will give it the TLC it needs. 

Source: Vice Grip Garage

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