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Video: Hopped Up Chevelle Crashes At Doncaster Classic Car Show

By Kevin Barr Jul 03, 2019
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By Kevin Barr Jul 03, 2019
This powerful Chevrolet was too much to handle for this attendee.

Within the past handful of years, anyone who attends car-related events can confirm the increased general media presence. Seemingly everywhere you look, you will see someone with either a camera or a cellphone out. While this improves the chances of having your vehicle documented, it also increases the odds of capturing an instance of showing off gone wrong, as the driver of this supercharged Chevrolet Chevelle found out.

This incident happened at the Doncaster Classic Car Show, which occurs at the Doncaster College for the Deaf in Doncaster, United Kingdom. Luckily, there were no injuries to onlookers or the driver himself, but the Chevelle certainly received some damage in the incident.

How did it happen? Well, it happens the way that most car show crashes occur – there’s a car with too much power, an overzealous driver behind the wheel, and an area with not enough space. Everything seems to be going fine, until the operator of this supercharged Chevelle punches the throttle and stays in it. The back end of the vehicle begins to step out, and before you know it, there’s a dismantled brick wall and a smashed up Chevrolet.


Bystanders rush to help the driver, who was out of the car, observing the damages to both the property and the vehicle. They did not seem to pleased, with one of the onlookers saying, “Mate, show off somewhere else. You don’t do it here, not where there’s kids.”

Residents of the area called emergency services, but because there were not any casualties, they could not dispatch officers. Though the driver supposedly exchanged details with the owner of the property, he left the scene before officers could arrive. However, a police spokesman stated “enquiries are ongoing to establish the nature of the driving prior to the collision."

While it’s amazing that no one was hurt, and the vehicle was able to drive away from this crash, here’s the most ridiculous tidbit of the whole story – the driver of the Chevelle was not the owner of the vehicle, and furthermore, the muscle car was the recent recipient of a fresh paint job.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time an incident like has occurred at a car show, and it likely won’t be the last. It’s incredible that nobody except the Chevelle received injuries, and there is also a lesson to learn here: don’t show off in a crowded, tiny space, especially in a vehicle that isn’t yours.

Source: The Star

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