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1971 Chevy K5 Blazer Has A Modern Heart Transplant

By Steven Symes Aug 20, 2019
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By Steven Symes Aug 20, 2019
It looks and performs amazingly.

Unique Specialty & Classic Cars is going to create quite the stir by offering this 1971 K5 Blazer. It’s in great condition, with a shiny coat of silver and some nice black stripes on the hood. You’ll also notice the chrome and brightwork look amazing, so this SUV presents well. The seller states there’s been over $18,000 of work done to the exterior, and that’s entirely believable.

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["1971 Chevy K5 Blazer Has A Modern Heart Transplant"]
["1971 Chevy K5 Blazer Has A Modern Heart Transplant"]
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As you can see from the photo, the factory hardtop with sliding glass is included. That’s something you don’t always get with these classic SUVs. If you want to roll around in the sun, it’s simple enough to remove, plus it provides protection from the elements if you want it. Two-tone black and red leather, a fully roll cage, new carpeting, and plenty of other amenities make this truck great for cruising anywhere.

Modern power from a 5.3-liter fuel injected Vortec V8 donated by a 2001 Chevy Suburban means this K5 Blazer is reliable. It works with an automatic transmission, a dual exhaust system, locking hubs, and four-wheel drive. To ensure you can put all that power to full use, a new tow hitch has been added to this rig. You also benefit from power steering, power front disc brakes, and nice Rough Country shocks. New all-terrain Peerless Wide Track Baja tires and aluminum wheels are included, so you’re really rolling in style and with plenty of grip.

The legend of the Chevy Blazer runs strong today, with a huge following for the classic SUV. It originally launched with the 1969 model year as a strong answer to the Ford Bronco, International Harvester Scout, and Jeep Cherokee. Thanks to it riding on Chevy’s full-size pickup truck frame, it was a rough-and-tumble off-roader which could take a beating and keep going. By mixing in some luxuries, the first-generation K5 Blazer outsold its rivals within just a year’s time. Sadly, many of these SUVs didn’t survive and others are in pretty sad shape, making one like this quite valuable. The good news is finding parts and getting this vehicle serviced shouldn’t present much of a challenge, making this a relatively easy vintage off-roader to own.

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