Antique 1926 Ford Model T Destroyed In T-Bone Crash

By Amie Williams Sep 20, 2019
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By Amie Williams Sep 20, 2019
The Model T's new buyer was following behind when the accident occurred.

It’s a scene that can happen to anyone at any time. A typical day driving your beloved classic vehicle can take a turn for the worst in the blink of an eye. 

That’s what happened to Ronald Long, a car collector from West Reading, Pennsylvania. Long was driving his 1926 Ford Model T through town when the worst happened. Another motorist t-boned the antique Ford. The impact of the crash sent the classic into a third vehicle. While it was a good thing that nobody was injured, the antique vehicle was completely destroyed. It made its departure on the back of a tow truck.

Antique 1926 Ford Model T Destroyed In T-Bone Crash
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To add insult to injury, Long had just sold the Model T and was driving it home. In fact, he was only driving it because he had just pulled it from his storage unit for the new buyer, who was following behind when the accident occurred. Long owns 16 classic cars stored at different local locations, and he buys the vehicles to sell after driving them for a while.

The destroyed Model T was worth about $8,000 before the accident. Since the buyer had already paid, Long offered him another Model T from his collection. What used to be 3 Model Ts in his possession has been reduced to just one.

Some of the cars in his collection he has owned for 40 years. Long owns a few Model As and a 1955 Thunderbird, but his favorite is a 1941 Plymouth that he used to drag race. Having raced at different tracks up and down the east coast, Long retired from the hobby about 10 years ago at the age of 65.  Long, a former contractor that used to build houses, now finds his enjoyment working on classic cars and can do just about anything.

Source: Reading Eagle


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