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SEMA Official Weighs In On What To Expect At 2019 Show

By Elizabeth Puckett Nov 05, 2019
Shop Tuners
By Elizabeth Puckett Nov 05, 2019
Here are some trends to watch for...

The Las Vegas Convention Center is filling up both inside and out, and that can only mean one thing - it’s time for the 2019 SEMA show in Las Vegas! As an enthusiast or collector, there’s a lot to be learned from the show every year, even though it tends to cater to the aftermarket more heavily. However, what you can gather is information on trends, and how to get ahead of the market - after all, the restomod trend was practically invented on the SEMA show floor. That’s why when SEMA’s association president Chris Kersting spoke up, we took note!

SEMA Official Weighs In On What To Expect At 2019 Show
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To no one’s surprise, the overloading and truck market market is still in a strong surge. These niche markets have had several years of high demand, and as a result, many companies are focusing on builds that cater to this community - newer to the SEMA scene is a larger number of tuners and exotics.

“The overlanding trend continues to build as outdoor adventure-seekers rig up purpose-built, rugged vehicles for expeditions and camping,” Kersting is quoted in a pre-show news release. “This growing subset of the off-road market has caught the attention of SEMA manufacturers, spawning a range of products that put self-contained adventure travel in reach for more customers.”

“While tricked-out trucks have surged in recent years,” Kersting says, “2019 Show registration data indicates that this year’s feature vehicle crop includes a significant wave of sport compacts, Euro tuners and exotics.”

Updated technology is another huge market right now, with owners wanting to retro-fit driver assist functions. The concept is fairly new, but enthusiasts are embracing the idea of making safer cars, without having to trade up.

“Another trend can be seen in the products that relate to advanced driver-assistance systems, otherwise known as ADAS,” Kersting continues. “In this fast-growing segment, companies are producing products that allow shops to offer safety as a new form of performance — and customers to update their cars with state-of-the-art systems.

“In the emerging-segment category, we are beginning to see companies converting a wide range of cool cars and trucks to electric propulsion, including race cars and classics. At the same time, traditional OEMs are exciting the industry with new e-models aimed at enthusiasts. While still early in the market cycle, those at the leading edge of this segment are seeing rapid growth.

“This year’s SEMA Show will showcase the trend along with some of the companies leading the segment, and we’ll see parts and equipment that make it possible for a wide variety of vehicles to enjoy new life as electric cars."

Keep visiting Motorious throughout the SEMA show for updates and coverage of the coolest trends and builds you need to know about.

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