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Jeff Allen Talks About His Volvo 'V06' Amazon Custom Coupe

Learn more about the crazy build and the charity its sale benefitted. Describing a car like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride to someone who hasn’t seen it can be challenging, to say the least - after all, there’s really nothing quite like it out there. You could say it looks like a Volvo and Chevy Corvette...
By Steven Symes Jan 21, 2020

Female Owned Autosport Apparel Company Walks The Walk

The Hot Garage is more than just a t-shirt retailer! Victoria, Nevaeh , SieSie, and Ellie make up the team that run The Hot Garage (THG), are all working towards a mission. They not only make apparel that appeals to what women actually want to wear, but making sure there’s support for women in ...
By Elizabeth Puckett Jan 10, 2020

British Motor Museum Opens ‘The Car. The Future. Me’ Exhibit

Focusing on where the automobile has taken us, and where it’s going.  Earlier this month, the British Motor Museum at Gaydon, Warwickshire, England opened an exhibit called “The Car. The Future. Me.” The exhibition, which will run until July 2020, focuses on where the car has taken us thus far,...
By Michelle Marus Jul 23, 2019

History Of The Legendary Toyota Supra

The Supra name is like holy scripture among fans of Japanese performance cars. Easily the most iconic nameplate from the house of Toyota, this sports car helped put Japanese engineering on the map, both through motorsport success and providing attainable performance for the masses. More on Toyota...
By Tyler Heatley May 13, 2019

How Knight Rider's KITT Became A Mustang

The highly controversial return of Knight Rider in 2008 saw KITT shift from a classic Pontiac Trans Am to a Shelby Mustang. The black Pontiac Trans Am of Knight Rider fame will forever be one of the world’s most famous on-screen cars. This automotive star captured the imagination of millions wi...
By Tyler Heatley Apr 24, 2019

2002-2007 BMW M3 E46 Buying Guide

A true everyday supercar, the third generation of BMW’s M3 is a stunning thing to own – as long as you find a good one. We’ll show you how. How much to pay • Project £8,000-10,000 • Good £12,000-15,000 • Concours £16,000-20,000 • Overview Practicality ★★★★Running cost ★★★Spares ★★★DIY friendly ★...
By Motorious Staff Jan 22, 2019

Going up! Subaru Impreza Turbo And WRX

Prices are rising, but there’s still nothing else on the market that teams 150mph performance with practicality and reliability for so little money. First off, it’s only right that I declare an interest: I have an Subaru Impreza Turbo, the third I’ve owned. I’m not planning on selling it, and if...
By Motorious Staff Apr 12, 2018

UK Government Releases Historic MoT Rules – It's Good News!

The long-awaited UK MoT exemption rules have been released, and owners of historic cars, especially specials and modified classics, can breathe a sigh of relief The UK's Department for Transport has released the long-awaited definition of a Vehicle of Historic Interest (VHI), which will define t...
By David Lilywhite Dec 18, 2017

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