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Video: A Proper 2020 Morgan Plus Six Review

By Steven Symes Jul 17, 2019
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By Steven Symes Jul 17, 2019
This British roadster is stiff when it comes to handling but not personality.

What could be more relaxing than motoring down a road in Wales in a Morgan? The sheep are grazing on the side of the winding tarmac, it’s cloudy and a little nippy despite being summer, and you’re driving a car known for good manners, right? Carfection’s review of the new 2020 Morgan Plus Six kind of starts out that way, then everything stops being quite so proper.


This new top-of-the-line Morgan ditches the old V8 the Morgan Plus Eight used and instead has a German heart. A BMW-sourced B58 turbocharged 3.0-liter straight-six paired with an eight-speed automatic makes things a little bit more interesting, and adds some serious tech into the mix. The reviewer just has to mention it’s the same powertrain used in the new Supra, which is pretty funny.

From there we learn that the Morgan Plus Six doesn’t drive or feel anything like the 2020 BMW Z4, something reviewers have criticized the Toyota Supra for. What the powertrain does do is make the Plus Six quick and smooth, which is a bit of a departure from Morgans of old. So is the tighter, more responsive handling from a 100 percent stiffer chassis, which is much-needed on country roads in the UK.

While the reviewer had some good things to say about the Plus Six, like how comfortable the steering wheel was to hold despite not having an inspiring design, he had some big hang ups with the car. One was the seats, which don’t offer much in the way of support of cushioning, especially for the price. The roof is completely manual and is only a single layer of material, so it’s not exactly convenient or offers that much insulation.

Like Morgan models before, the 2020 Plus Six has a frame made of ash. Curb weight is about 2,500 pounds, while 0-62 takes just 4.2 seconds. The special First Edition models go for $117,848 USD, while the base models afterward go for $102,135. Thanks to government regulation, the Morgan Plus Six likely won’t arrive in the US for about two years. Meanwhile, it launches on the other side of the pond later this year.

Image credit: YouTube

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