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Singer Debuts Lightweight Porsche 911 Build

By Steven Symes Dec 27, 2019
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By Steven Symes Dec 27, 2019
This is how you make a classic even better.

Most likely you’re familiar with Singer at least by name. Maybe you’ve seen what a Porsche 911 touched by Singer Vehicle Design looks like. In the video below, you get to hear what one sounds like and see how potent it is on the track. This experience will help you better understand why people are willing to pay a dear price for these machines.

What you see and hear in this video is a newer model from Singer, called the Lightweight Study or DLS. To create it, the company teamed up with Williams Advanced Engineering. The partnership involves creating naturally-aspirated high-performance engines for Porsches, like the one you can hear screaming in this video.

In this DLS is a 4.0-liter flat-six engine with a peak 500-horsepower at 9000 rpm. To achieve such performance, the engine has quite a few titanium and magnesium internal parts. Making for a fun setup is a six-speed manual transmission developed by Hewland. As a true restomod, this car also has ABS and stability control via Bosch.

If you think that Parallax White body looks a little too new, there’s a good reason. Singer fabricated the whole thing out of carbon fiber, cutting down on weight further. In the design are multiple optimizations for aerodynamics, including an epic ducktail spoiler which helps the car look good even when it’s sitting still.

Any excellent build addresses all the details in the car, and this Singer DLS is no different. For example, the interior features plenty of Norfolk Yellow trim pieces. Each gauge in the dash, every exposed joint or hinge looks just so, reminding you that this is no normal Porsche 911.

What makes this video even more a treat is the Singer factory driver flogs this tuned Porsche on none other than Laguna Seca. Considered by many to be one of the more challenging tracks around, it’s an exciting experience to watch unfold.

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